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Congratulations for finding your way to this website. Stick around for just a few minutes and you’ll be amazed at the vast amount of useful information you’ll find. By accessing this portal, you have a unique opportunity to get familiar with the Vedic knowledge absolutely free, which for many hundreds of years has remained unavailable to the western world.

This spiritual practical knowledge will help You to uncover your full inner potentials, will give You an immediate peace of mind and a deep sensation of self contentment. It will answer almost all Your tormenting questions about life and death, it will quickly change Your bad karma and help You to cope with the difficulties of your destiny.

This transcendental knowledge will expose the secrets of longevity and health, enable You with a unique ability to see the past, present and future, it will open the secret doors into unseen realities which freely offer you 100 times better quality of life and finally it will give you the opportunity to grow spiritually and determine your highest goal of life!

At the present time, humanity has made a significant progress in creating material comforts, education and economic development. But somewhere in the social organism there is a source of irritation, like a splinter, and conflicts arise from anything, even from the most insignificant reasons. In the cycle of worries and problems, people often lose their individuality and forget about the age-old values such as love, happiness, beauty and harmony. Precious moments of life are often wasted in the trivial pursuit of temporary material objects.

People are searching for knowledge, which is natural. And now we live in the era of the information boom, when people are literally drowning in a sea of information. Psychiatrists have even documented a new mental disorder called the informational neurosis. But, despite the availability and abundance of information, we are seeing a lot of ignorance in the world, which manifests itself in violence and self-destruction. And even the most informed people – scientists are also often attached to bad habits and do not have a holistic view of the world.

Why?   Perhaps because the information and knowledge are not the same thing.  Information may be sketchy and messy. Therefore, a person can be informed, but unprincipled, since the information is not always framed in a positive concept.  However, real knowledge is based on eternal principles of harmony, which, like the rigidity in the leaf structure, maintains the integrity of life. Real knowledge, unlike information, is always holistic, orderly, positive and has a humane life-affirming purpose.  This knowledge does not deny the spiritual side of reality from the bigger picture of the world under the guise of unprovability.

We expect that knowledge will make our lives better. But where can we find such pure and profound knowledge? It turns out that such a source exists. It’s called – the Vedas. They are the original sacred texts of mankind. The Vedas are often called the manual for this universe, composed by its Creator. This is the reason for such an extraordinary depth and versatility of the Vedic knowledge. More and more experts are studying it, more and more people are trying to apply it in their lives. On the pages of this website you will find numerous audio, video and print materials that will introduce you to the ancient Vedic wisdom.

So, if you are tired of monotony and if you want to push the limits of your daily life, if you want to understand yourself and discover your full potential – this website is for you!   Discover It NOW!


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“Very interesting articles. We have much to ‘unpick’ from the effect that the colonial filter has had on our world. Age old prejudices , sectarian division and racism means that even when parts of the big picture are given to the elite – they still don’t get the gestalt view – or won’t due to egotism, no doubt. However, our collective culture is the looser. Real Vaishnav sadhu sanga is the key, but the academics don’t/won’t surrender or acknowledge the role of the ashrya-vigraha – and this is their loss/mistake.”


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