37. A “DOUBLE” Of The Soul Or The Psychic Abilities Explained!


The extraordinary mystical abilities have always aroused keen interest among people. Premonition, telepathy, hypnosis, levitation, moving objects by thought and other miracles seem to violate the usual understanding of the physical world. Although science cannot adequately explain them, it can’t ignore them either.

Experiments in the field of parapsychology have always been a taboo, but gradually more and more information becomes available.

It turned out that even such well-known followers of Darwin as Alfred R. Wallace and Nobel laureate Sir William Crookes, as well as Pierre and Marie Curie were engaged in serious experiments on the abilities of the mind.

In particular, the archives of the “Royal Society of London” and the “French Academy of Sciences” contain voluminous files of their numerous experiments with mediums.

Among the experiments, there is one that describes a medium playing the accordion at a distance of several meters. And interestingly enough, the accordion was up in the air, supported only by the will of the medium.

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Curie, in the presence of twenty physicists (five of whom were Nobel laureates) performed an experiment with the Italian medium Eusapia Palladino who made a large table float in the air while her hands and feet were tied up.

In our time, the U.S. military conducted the experiments where the medium was given the task to focus on a specific geographic point where the classified facility was located and try to secretly obtain data with his supervision. All information was later confirmed by the images from a spy satellite.

The scientists also experimented with religious people. They were asked to pray every day for 30 minutes, for a speedy recovery of patients in a particular ward, while sitting in the hallway of the hospital. It has been observed that those who were prayed for have recovered much faster than people in other wards with similar disease.

The experiments at the Ian Stevenson’s institute in the U.S. additionally confirmed that a person in a hypnotic regression is able to speak the languages of his past incarnations.

So it becomes quite obvious that there is something inside of us that retains information about the past that existed long before our physical body was born.

On the other hand, the experiments with clairvoyants demonstrate the ability of premonition of the future events, which are yet to take place in the physical reality.

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A renowned hypnotist Wolf Messing in a context of his experiment made a bank teller give him a large sum of money on the basis of just a blank sheet of paper, which the teller under the influence of hypnosis mistook for the real cheque.

These numerous experiments have convinced many scientists that besides the human physical body, there is also a subtle structure, which acts according to as yet unknown laws. It is capable of expanding on considerable distances in space and even in time.

Despite the fact that the official science is convinced that the psyche with all its extraordinary abilities is a product of the nervous system and the brain in particular, the experiments with regression therapy make this belief very questionable.

The ancient Vedic texts, give us an alternative view on the nature of the psyche. According to the Vedas, besides the physical body, which is just a biological mechanism, and a soul – the source of consciousness, there is also a subtle body, which is the layer between the body and the soul.

The subtle body acts as a link between the natural senses of the soul and the body sensory apparatus.

The Vedas say that the psyche or the subtle body is not a product of the brain, but the reflection of the soul, projected onto the material world.

man reflection in mirror

And since the reflection resembles the object similar to its source, the psychologists confuse a subtle body with the atman or the soul, though the soul himself is subtler and the psyche is only an external reflection of the soul in this world.

In other words, the subtle body is some kind of growth on the transcendental soul, which helps to adapt to life in the mortal world.

And because the subtle body is closer to the soul than the physical body, it exhibits those mystical abilities that were mentioned earlier.

The spiritual energy of the soul makes the subtle body largely independent of the physical laws. And this is what makes these miracles so difficult for science to understand. In other words, the phenomena of a miracle is a manifestation of spiritual energy in the material world.

The soul is fundamentally different from the subtle body, meaning that the soul is a living person, the source of life and individuality of the operator, and the subtle body is an operating program that does not have an independent life and it seems alive only because it is animated by the soul.

And the soul with the help of software – the psyche, manipulates the machine of a physical body through the computer of the brain. The physical body and the subtle body act as a kind of false entity or the machine, which carries the passenger – the soul.

To understand the relation of the soul, psyche and body the Vedas give an analogy of a chariot, a charioteer and a passenger.

Back to Godhead - Volume 12, Number 07 - 1977

A chariot is the physical body, horses that pull the chariot are our five external senses (hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell); a charioteer is the intelligence, the reins is the mind or the subtle body that guides the chariot, and a passenger is the soul.

The Vedas say that the subtle body consists of three elements: the false ego, the intelligence and the mind. These three functional elements are inherent in pure transcendental soul and the subtle body simply duplicates them while the soul is in the temporary material reality.


Ego is a self-identification. When the soul is in pure consciousness, he identifies himself as the eternal particle of God. And this is the true ego inherent in the soul.

But the rebellious souls come into this world to proclaim their independence from God. And for this purpose only the soul requires the “false ego”, which covers him with a thin layer and makes him consider himself to be a product of evolution of matter.

In other words, when the eternal soul thinks himself to be a temporary physical body, this is a manifestation of the false ego.

The second element of the subtle body is the intelligence. It has several major functions: questioning, reasoning, misleading, right understanding, willpower, memory and sleep (if a person has not had enough sleep the intelligence does not function properly).

Intelligence is a logistical and strategical department, which analyzes different ideas before accepting them as a guide to action. When the decision is made, volitional impulse of intelligence compels us to act.

Many people doubt the existence of the soul, but they are not even aware that this very doubt originates in the intelligence, which is itself a product of the soul.

The third element of the subtle body is the mind. It serves as a checkpoint. Because it is most closely associated with the external senses, it is a kind of reservoir, which accumulates information from all five senses.

When the mind receives some pleasant information for the senses, it sends it to the planning department of the intelligence, which ponders how to prolong pleasure.

And if the mind receives information that is unpleasant for the senses, the mind transmits an alarming signal to the intelligence and the intelligence in its turn gives a command to the brain to get out of a dangerous place. That is, the mind performs the initial processing of information in terms of its suitability, and the intelligence makes a more detailed analysis.

Often we hear the internal dialogue of the mind and the intelligence. So, how to distinguish these voices?

Since the mind is closer to the senses its main word is “I want”. The intelligence is above the mind and senses and is capable of prioritising the higher tasks, goals and immediate desires of the senses and therefore its main word is “I must” or “I have to.”

 That is, the intelligence, having willpower, can make the mind and senses to obey, as the driver can pull the reins and stop the horses and direct them to the correct path.

A simple example: early in the morning we hear the alarm clock ringing, and immediately we feel two reactions to the signal. The first reaction is ” I wanna sleep a little more”. This is a voice of the mind. The second reaction is “I must get up, or I’ll be late for work.” This is the voice of the intelligence.

It is obvious that the intelligence has the ability to control the mind and senses in matters of material practicality. But what the modern man’s intelligence is lacking is the same experience in spiritual matters.

The intelligence is the closest to the soul, and therefore it must know and defend his true interests. If the intelligence does not know the interests of the soul, it is just like a taxi driver who drives a passenger without knowing where to go. In this case, a passenger (the soul) would be held hostage by an inexperienced driver (the intelligence).

This is the position of the majority of people whose intelligence is not enlightened in spiritual matters. Externally a person may appear to be quite busy in different reasonable activities (business, family, etc.), but if you look from a spiritual point of view, the soul is getting absolutely nothing from it.

It turns out that neither the driver nor the car (the body and the intelligence) serve the interests of the passenger (the soul), but the passenger is wasting his time and money (a life energy) for the needs of the machine.

Even the development of mystic powers is not the main function of the subtle body. Real development of the subtle body is not an ability of moving and spinning heavy objects in the air with the willpower, but the ability to link the soul with God. And that is a real miracle.

So far, our subtle body operates in reverse mode: it binds the soul to the physical body and isolates him from God. Filled with mundane knowledge the intelligence with the help of logical arguments tries to destroy the very concept of the soul and God.

In order for the subtle body to function properly, the intelligence requires knowledge of the nature and needs of the soul. The intelligence has to get the right direction and guidance from the scriptures and the spiritual master.

In addition to proper philosophical understanding of life, there are practical tips to strengthen and purify the subtle body. Thanks to modern science, nowadays, there are electronic devices to objectively observe the changes of the subtle body.

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For example, scientists have noticed that when a person is experiencing negative emotions (sadness, fear, anger or stress), his/her aura (the subtle body) looses its wholeness and vise versa.

The subtle body gets weakened by the radiation of any electronic device such as a TV set, a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone as well as alcohol, nicotine, drugs, excessive sexual activity, aggressive music, synthetic fabric, black clothing, and canned or sublimated foods that are devoid of living energy.

When the subtle body weakens, one becomes very dependent on others, overly susceptible, losing concentration and determination. A healthy lifestyle, consuming organic vegetarian food, sleeping early and rising early are the external factors that may heal one’s psyche.

However, the easiest and most effective way to strengthen and purify one’s subtle body is to nourish it with spiritual energy, because the very subtle body is the shadow of the soul.

When a person begins to receive regular spiritual nourishment through the sacred texts, prayer and/or mantra meditation, the central heart chakra gets filled with positive vibrations that harmonise the activities of the three lower and three upper chakras.

In this way the entire subtle body is purified and becomes a conductor of spiritual energy. Thus, the subtle body becomes the soul’s best friend and not his substitute or double.


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