A Unified Picture Of The World. 2

Three Aspects of Genesis

Let’s consider the scheme in the form of a triangle, which according to the Vedas is a unified picture of the world.

Picture 5

 The peak of this triangle is the Absolute or God, that is, according to the Vedanta-sutra, the original source of all energies.

All that exists comes from Him. While the Absolute is indivisible, it is possible to distinguish three aspects: the personal aspect, the aspect of the universal or supreme consciousness, and the aspect of energy or light.

From the personal aspect of the Absolute comes an infinite number of souls. The soul, too, has three properties – eternity, knowledge and happiness.

From the impersonal aspect of the Absolute comes matter. Matter has three properties, or modes – goodness, passion and ignorance.

Now consider the connections between these basic elements of reality.

 Picture 1

God is connected to matter through the power of time. He affects matter, but matter has no influence on Him, since He is beyond time.

The next connection is the relationship between matter and soul. This relationship is bidirectional. The soul affects matter, and matter affects the soul. And because of it there is a law of cause and effect, called karma.

And the last link is the relationship between the soul and God. This is a relationship of love. He never violates this principle, and His flow of love always streams to us.

The soul, too, has the potential to love God, but he does not always realize this potential. We have a choice: we can turn our love to God, or direct it to something else.

If a person does not know anything about the upper part of the scheme, about his primary source, where will he direct his energy? Obviously – on matter.

A soul gets three qualities or gunas from matter: goodness, passion and ignorance.

If we direct our energy to God, we’ll get quite a different result. In these relationships the soul realizes his three potentials: eternity, knowledge and bliss. In dealing with matter the soul doesn’t realize his potential and feels disappointed.

Eternity is split into short incarnations, full knowledge is substituted with utilitarian material information, and instead of happiness we get shoddy sense gratification.


To be continued…

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