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The World As A Result Of Intelligent Creation

We’re brought up on an idea that the world appeared by chance out of nothing and that life has no objective purpose. We are used to thinking that there is no reasonable natural energy source.

However, if the world is an accident and accidentally came about, then, by the law of philosophy the large number of accidents is already a consistent pattern or regularity.

And where there are laws, there is also a legislator, because  laws do not exist by themselves. So, we live in a world where there are laws, and a reasonable person is a person who has knowledge about the cause – where it all comes from.

We see that the world was created intelligently, beautifully, with love. Why should we think that this was just a coincidence? If we look at a human as he is created, he is created very wisely and beautifully.

So many coincidences and chances just do not happen, it already goes into the category of a law. Thus, a reasonable person realizes that everything has a reason.


When a husband comes home and finds the food on the table, it is quite obvious that his wife prepared it. It could not appear from nowhere. It means that someone who loves him took care of him.

Exactly in the same way we appear in this world and see that around us grains are getting ripe, fruit trees are growing, the atmosphere has the air of the composition, which is needed for our lungs, we are surrounded by water, which is necessary for the health of our body. No living creature goes hungry without food. Such a huge number of living beings, and each has its own food! And in the right quantity!

Thus, a loving Creator generates a complete eco system that meets all our requirements. Such a complex biosphere that combines a huge number of interrelated factors could not appear just by itself.

francis crick

Nobel laureate Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA structure, said:

“An honest man, armed with all the knowledge we have, has to admit that the origin of life on earth is a miracle. So many conditions must be met in order for it to happen. “

According to the law of probability it is absolutely improbable that there was just something out of nothing. If you look at that short period of time that earth exists, the appearance of even the most primitive forms of life is totally incredible. But here there are many complex forms of life, in such variety and in a single biological cycle.


Connection 3 – Yoga


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According to the Vedas, we receive a variety of energies from the highest intelligent source. And along with the energies we receive a ” User’s Manual” for this world and the task, which is a spiritual evolution of consciousness.

This instruction was originally described in the Vedas, but in the later periods of human existence, the same basic ideas were repeated in the scriptures of other traditions with varying degrees of detail.

The main objective of human life is to activate our relationship with the source – God, gradually awakening our spiritual consciousness and returning to the original spiritual reality.

Now we are faced with a dilemma: either to follow this task, which will benefit the soul, or to give a preference to our material desires.

A living entity in this world has some independence and creates his own destiny. It all depends on the internal desires of the soul and external influences. One influence comes from above, from God.

This is the flow of spiritual knowledge and divine revelation. Another one comes from below – from matter through a system of atheistic upbringing and education. How do we practically find out under which flow of information we are – material or spiritual?

The flow of knowledge from above awakens and stimulates our eternal spiritual nature. Therefore, if a person begins to form his spiritual values and spiritual goals, if there is a certain determination to follow a spiritual process, it means the influence of information flows from above.

If the person begins to develop materialistic plans, ambitions and desires, it is evident that his mind is influenced by the flow of information from below. How is our consciousness being formed in this world?

A person is born in a particular family, and being surrounded by the family, gets some education and information. Basically, this is the information flow from below. These are certain shapes, sounds, tastes, smells, touches, which we perceive through our five senses: hearing, smell, touch, sight and taste.

They enter the mind, which is responsible for analysing, and has two functions: to accept what is pleasant to the senses, and reject what is unpleasant. Then the flow of information enters the intelligence, which is responsible for making plans.

For example, if the mind likes some things, which are pleasing to the senses, then a person thinks how to get these things or how to get to know this or that person.

And if something opposite happens then a person thinks, how to avoid it and never come across these unpleasant circumstances ever again.

Further, the flow of information goes to the ego. The ego is the self-identification, it is a feeling that ” I exist, I am”.


But who am I?

If my consciousness is influenced by the flow of information from the material energy, then what ego will be there? – Material!

“I am a member of this family, I am a part of this nation, I am a citizen of this country, I am a member of this party, I am a man, I am a woman, I’m black, I’m white.”

All this is determined by the information derived from the education system, and the media. This information flow is from the material world. And it forms, in the end, our false or temporary ego. Thus, the soul covered by ignorance under the guise of material knowledge, denies God and his own eternal nature.

Under the influence of the energy of passion this negation is taking on the characteristics of external material progress, while under the influence of ignorance in its extreme forms this negation of spirituality manifests itself in a chaotic and aimless waste of life, as well as self-destruction.

Nowadays the flow of information from below dominates in the society and thus people in their life goals are materialistic, even if they have faith in God.

If we adopt a program of spiritual development, then after having received energy from God, we would run it in a vertical loop, back to Him, having enriched it with our sense of gratitude and love. This activity will not create karma and material consequences.

If however we are more influenced by the flow of information from below, we will run the energy in the horizontal loop, ignoring the one, who we have received it from.

In this case, the chain of karma is created, which binds us, and restricts our corridor of freedom life after life.

The modern society has created a very complex infrastructure where the divine energy circulates without leaving a horizontal loop.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.58.14 AM


Each year, individual and collective negative karma continues to accumulate, just as the debt accumulates interest.

If we do not recognize this debt and do not return the favour to God, which is a manifestation of human culture, then we condemn ourselves to degradation in such forms where we are no longer required to exercise our higher senses and consciousness. But in this case, the quality of our lives is reduced dramatically.

For example, the souls in the bodies of animals and plants – are the result of misuse of energy and freedom in the past, and now their freedom is limited by the bodies in which it is impossible to realize their true destiny. They are not able to consciously improve their lives and experience the higher emotions.

Their life is devoid of a developed culture, knowledge and spirituality. And that is why they are interested only in four biological requirements of a body: eating, sleeping, mating and defending.

However, since the material life is cyclical, then over time they will get a human body again, and with that another chance for spiritual development, which will allow them to escape from the cycle of reincarnation.


To be continued…




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