About the Vedas

The Vedas are the oldest and voluminous sacred texts on Earth. They contain information about the structure of the cosmos and of all aspects of human life.

Regardless of one’s belief all people are subject to common physical laws. In the spiritual realm the metaphysical laws are common, as set out in the Vedas.

Once upon a time there was one unified civilization and a common source of knowledge  (the Vedas), which was passed from generation to generation strictly unchanged.

This knowledge has come from time immemorial. Time destroys everything, but not knowledge. Sanskrit, the language of the Vedas, is the source of many world’s languages. The Vedas do not attribute to any particular country or nation. This knowledge is universal and rightly belongs to all people. Similarly, the Vedas themselves contain the basis of all knowledge available to the mankind.

Vast sections of the Vedas give a detailed description of all fields of knowledge, which people may require:

Town Planning – Vastushastra

Architecture – Sthapatyaveda

Grammar – Vyakarana-Vedangas

Mathematics – Shulba Sutra

Astronomy and astrology – Jyotisha-shastra

Chemistry – Rasayana Shastra

Medicine – Ayur-Veda

Martial arts – Dhanur-Veda

Politics and law – Manu Samhita

Civil laws – Niti-shastra

Etymology – Nirukta-Vedanga

Philosophy – the Upanishads, the Vedanta-sutra

And logic, sociology, psychology, history and more.

But the most sacred part of the Vedas – is the sublime science of body, mind and soul – Divya-gyana or Atma tattva . In this area “Vedanta-sutra”, “Bhagavad Gita” and “Bhagavata Purana” are the most important.

The Vedas say that the purpose of human life is to achieve an eternal happiness, realizing oneself as a spiritual soul. The science of the soul is described in detail in the “Bhagavad-gita.”

To understand how an individual living entity is connected with the outside world, it is necessary to answer the most important question: “Who am I?”.

According to Vedic understanding, a person gets trapped in an illusion if he identifies himself with the material body, and believes that the material world is the only reality, forgetting his spiritual nature. He just misses a unique opportunity given to him to inquire about the Absolute Truth.

The most important attribute of the true knowledge which has been passed along the chain of the disciplic succession is that it gives one a sense of eternity. Attaining this knowledge fills a person’s life with love, joy, happiness and perfection.


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