In this section of “MCK” you will find numerous lectures and seminars by various experts in the Vedic science, philosophy, yoga, meditation, education and so on. Here’s some of the topics: images2

“Religions Of India”

“The Art Of Dying – Discover The Secrets Of Immortality”

“The World Of The Higher Dimension Made Visible”

“Three Modes of Material Nature”

The Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

“Varnashrama – A Vedic Social Arrangement”

“Progressing in Spiritual Life”

“Sri Isopanisad”

“Sri Brahma Samhita”

“Vedic Family Life”

“Yoga Ladder”

“Faith And Knowledge”

“Fundamental Principles of Spiritual Life”

“Mantra Yoga”

”History of India and Beyond”

“Vedic Concept Of Deity Worship”

“Vedanta Philosophy

“What is Vedic Culture “

“Practical Spirituality “

“Science or Nescience”

” Evolution of Species “

“UFOs and the Vedic World “

“Universe as a Virtual Reality”

“Artificial Intelligence”

” The Theory of Big Bang Unmystified”

“Higher Dimensional Science”

“Time According to Vedas”

“Art of Teaching”

” Mahabharata”