Individual Mantra Meditation




Discover The Little Known Tips And Tricks On How To Mantra Meditate Properly

1. Wake up early in the morning, one hour before sunrise.

2. Take a lukewarm shower.

3. Dress in fresh clean comfortable clothes.

4. Comfortably sit in your quiet room on the cushion or on the chair with your spine upright.

5. Place a picture of Radha and Krishna in front of you (download it from the internet or get a beautiful poster from your local Indian shop). You may also want to light an incense and a few candles to create a spiritual atmosphere.

6. Prepare yourself for meditation by performing a few deep slow inhales and exhales to concentrate.

7. Use your meditation beads or a tally counter for chanting a fixed number of mantras. Start with 108 mantras a day which is one round on the beads and gradually progress to a greater number of rounds a day -2, 3..5..10..13..16 or more. One round or 108 mantras takes about 5-8minutes.

8. When you chant the mantra, keep in mind 3 things: the meaning of the mantra, the sound of the words of the mantra and the Deity form of the mantra.

The meaning of the MAHA MANTRA is “O energy of the Lord, O all-attractive Lord, O Supreme Enjoyer, please engage me in Your service.”

The words of the mantra are:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

The Deity form of the mantra is RADHA and KRISHNA in Vrindavan.

9. While chanting, look at the picture of RADHA and KRISHNA, listen to the words you pronounce and from time to time remember the meaning.

10. If you can’t mantra meditate early in the morning, the second best option is in the evening.

11. The perfection of mantra meditation is samadhi or a complete absorption in a pastime of the Deity of the mantra.  Reading the pastimes of Lord Krishna or listening to the audiobook and later remembering and contemplating the pastime would be of a greater help to a novice practitioner as well as a mature one to perfect one’s meditation. We can recommend the “Krishna Book” by AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

12. When you finished your mantra meditation, with your eyes closed slowly inhale and exhale while still remembering the Deity form of the mantra in your mind.

Pay your respects. And have a great day!