The world that we live in is governed by the laws of nature, which maintain all of the surrounding in a state of harmony.

These laws guarantee immutability of all life processes in this ever-changing world.

But why and for what reason do these laws exist? Are they accidental or do they have a reasonable legislator?


No scientific methods can directly prove or disprove the divine or accidental origin of these laws. One can only result in logical arguments in favour of one or the other approach.

However, it is better to analyse these concepts one by one and look at the prospects for human evolution to which these two different models of origin of the world and laws lead.

 Atheistic Model Of The Universe –  “World Without Reason or Accidental Creation”

 In the natural sciences there are two known Greek terms:  “chaos” – the complete disorder and “cosmos” – the order.


The proponents of chemical evolution, i.e. the accidental origin of the world, resulting from the Big Bang, believe that the order or cosmos has originated from the state of chaos.

Somehow, the strict laws of nature have manifested from chaos without any outside interference. And these laws still remain unchanged, which allow us to make predictable calculations and manipulate matter.

According to Einstein’s statement: “A number of events, without a beginning, can not exist.” So, there was some kind of beginning of the universe, but what kind? A coincidence, or a reasonable creative impulse?

The starting point of the Big Bang theory is the concept of singularity or a special super dense and super hot point. As the primary source and the beginning of the universe, this point did not have assessable physical parameters.

Furthermore, for some unknown reason, it began to expand. It has released an incredible amount of energy, which in course of time was the main driving force in shaping up our universe. Thus, according to the supporters of the Big Bang theory, chaos turned into cosmos or disorder into order.

However, in reality, we do not see that order was a result of the explosion. Rather the explosion creates chaos.

To accept that the universe with all its strict laws might have occurred from the big explosion is as naive as to believe that an explosion of a publishing house may result in the multivolume encyclopedia, neatly arranged on a shelf in alphabetical order.


The idea of the Big Bang makes some sense only if we assume that this point of singularity was a very special one, which contained all the information about the future universe. Same as the DNA molecule that contains the entire information about the human body.


In Darwin’s time, scientists believed that the cells are simple bubbles filled with chemical elements without any orderly structure. But with the invention of the electron microscope, the DNA molecules have been discovered in the structure of cells. And then it became clear that in this world along with the inert matter and the forces that drive it, there is also the ordered information that causes changes in the living matter.

It is estimated that a single cell contains more information than the thirty large volumes of the Britannica Encyclopaedia.

The information in the tightly packed structure of the DNA is similar to well-written sentences or computer programs.


Everyone knows that any computer software has its own programmer and it can’t appear from nowhere.

However, with regard to life in the universe, science cannot accept that there is the higher intelligence, which invests the information into matter.

Therefore, the concept of self-organized matter, or the accidental occurrence of life without any intelligent third party participation, requires a really considerable leap of faith.

If we accept that life and the universe came into being by chance, without any objective meaning, then in this case people would have to artificially invent the purpose of life to make their existence somewhat meaningful and worthwhile.


If the divine plan of creation is absent, then the meaning of life would be simply to plant a tree, raise children, build a house, achieve fame and career success.

Those who find neither divine nor a material sense, simply embark on the path of self-destruction. Lack of the exalted spiritual purpose is the main cause of degradation of the modern society.

Such a world outlook gives rise to consumerism, wealth accumulation and ruthless exploitation of nature and other living beings. As a result, a society gets immersed in social conflicts and the world experiences environmental and energy crisis.


Without a higher purpose of life, people inevitably degrade to the level of satisfying their basic needs. With the increasing materialism, this lifestyle is gradually becoming the norm, and the search for the ideal and the desire for spiritual development are considered an anomaly.

In this way, atheism and materialism inevitably lead to a crisis, indicating the innate depravity of these concepts.

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