Four Dimensions of Reality


 According to the ancient Vedic texts the human activity occurs in four dimensions:

  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Social and
  • Spiritual

Each of these levels of reality matches its unique set of laws that bring one to a state of harmony with the source of all laws – the harmonious and loving being – God.

If someone believes that the intelligent Legislator does not exist, so why does the violation of these laws of harmony immediately cause disturbance in one’s life and environmental disasters at large.


Pain, suffering and anxiety that we experience are natural indicators that the person has deviated from the principles of harmony.

If it wasn’t for the higher controlling intelligence, then why does violation of the laws bring reactions? And how can blind and devoid of intelligence nature hold us responsible for our own destiny?

More and more people accept the idea of a higher intelligent force that is teaching us these laws of harmony for our own benefit.

Let us return to the four levels of reality in which human life takes place and see how they are interrelated with each other.


A soul or a spiriton, being the subtlest structure and the carrier of consciousness is situated in a denser medium, which is called the subtle body or our psyche.

The requirements of the subtle body are emotions and information that we exchange with each other.

A subtle body is covered over by a physical structure that allows the spiriton or the soul to fulfil his material desires.


The soul and matter are different substances. And in order for the eternal soul to identify himself with the material body to participate in this virtual game, it requires a whole set of subtle intermediate structures that adapt the soul to matter and encourage him to consider himself a part of this world.



These intermediate structures between the soul and the physical body are the mind, intelligence and false ego that form a temporary substitute for the soul – which is a conditioned consciousness that we accept as our true “self”.

A subtle body can be compared to a computer software that connects the user with a computer system and creates an illusion of the actual presence in the computer while performing various tasks or playing games.




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