Higher Authorities Of The Universe

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According to the Vedas, in order to satisfy the physical needs of all species of life in the universe there is an interconnected system of supply and maintenance, which can be compared to the enormous public utility services, but on the scale of the universe.

We rarely think of how the various cosmic nature’s forces are interconnected, where do they come from in the right quantity and in the right combination to maintain our physical comfort.

According to the Vedas, God as the absolute source of all energies provides everything necessary for our life, and His deputies, the demigods, control and distribute these resources on His behalf.

For example, the nature’s forces such as water or fire in the form of heat and light may seem to be impersonal energies, but they are enabled or disabled in our world by the certain people in charge.

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Similarly, the telephone and Internet facilities can be provided or blocked by the Telecommunications provider, and of course all these services must be regularly paid, otherwise we risk losing these amenities.

If we transfer this idea of state ministers on a large space scale, we can understand that the beliefs of ancient people that fire, water, air and land have their own Gods that must be worshiped are not unreasonable.

But the big question is – why do we not see these demigods, the space ministers?

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(Artwork copyright Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International – www.krishna.com. Used with permission)

There are two reasons – physical and moral.

Our gross physical senses have a very limited range of perception, and demigods are the beings of a higher dimension, therefore they can see us but we can’t see them. We perceive this physical reality by our three-dimensional senses, and only partially.

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The leading astrophysicist of modern times, Stephen Hawking, argues that we perceive only 10% of reality, everything else is so-called dark energy and dark matter.

But in actuality it is not dark but light energy and matter, it appears to be dark only to those who are in a darkness of ignorance.

The moral reason is that we cannot see the higher world of the demigods with our low level of consciousness.

For example, the administrator of a forum website has access to all the sections and monitors all the participants, but a guest sees only those pages that he has access to. The restricted sections of this virtual reality are not visible for him and he may not even guess about their existence.

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If this user establishes a trusting relationship with the administrator of the forum, he may get an access to other levels of virtual reality that existed before, but were not available.



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