Three Elements Of Habitat


The Vedas, in describing the material realities, claim that a person exists in three main elements of habitat.

The first element of habitat for the soul in the material world is a subtle and physical body. The mind is a projection of the soul’s consciousness onto matter, and the physical body is a product of the mind.

The second element of habitat is a society around us, which is based on laws of morality and social development.

The third habitat is cosmos and laws of the universe. All these elements are permeated with unified laws of harmony emanating from the Creator.

To live in harmony means to enact the laws that underlie these three spheres of habitat.

The closest habitat to the soul is a subtle and physical body.

If we feed these two bodies with food and information in the mode of passion and ignorance, then it will negatively affect the consciousness. Substances in ignorance such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs unavoidably lead to diseases.

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Food in ignorance, such as meat, fish, poultry and eggs, contains a lot of cholesterol and in due course of time has a devastating effect on the cardiovascular system. Such food is a source of bacteria and viruses. By eating these kinds of foodstuffs people become more susceptible to poisoning, stress and depression.

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If a person constantly fills one’s subtle body with the negative information such as aggressive action movies, horror, erotic films or computer games, it will be disturbed by strong material desires, fears and baser emotions which lead to stress, depression, neuroses and obsessions.


If we nourish our physical body with pure and healthy food in the mode of goodness, it will be healthy. Our psyche becomes stable if the mind receives proper association and information in the mode of goodness.

The second element of habitat is a society, which reacts immediately to the violation of its laws.

The principles of harmonious relationships with other living beings are addressed in all the scriptures of the world. For example, in the Bible there are the commandments: do not kill, do not steal, do not bear false witness, do not commit adultery, and others.


What happens to a person, who always cheats, steals, commits violence and insults others? In doing so, he very quickly loses trust and respect of others and as a result may even lose his freedom for such a conduct. Therefore, a society around us, as well as our own body requires us to follow the laws of goodness, that is, compliance with the rules of relationships and human morality.

How does the human nature or the cosmos react, if people are ungrateful to the gifts of higher powers?

If the entire nations deviate from the path of goodness, then the material nature arranges serious shake-ups in the form of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, hurricanes and floods. It’s quite strange that not everyone sees these manifestations as personal intervention of higher powers, but calls these disasters the blind forces of nature.

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If someone’s yelling or stomping one’s feet, we understand that it is the wrath of a living person. However, when we see the devastating effects in the material nature, few people see it as reaction of higher powers. A simple example, if a mosquito bites a person, a person kills it without a second thought despite whether a mosquito understands it or not. For a mosquito it can be a strike of the blind forces, but a reasonable person understands that this is a reaction to its bite.

In human society we call our planet Mother Earth. However, at the same time we drill wells in the Earth’s body, change the rivers’ direction, pollute water and air and mercilessly cut down forests. In doing so, people inevitably inflict the natural disasters that are a Mother Earth’s reaction.


When the entire human civilisation strays a long way from the right path and continues to persist in its ignorance paying no attention to warnings, destroying everything around, then inevitably the universal cataclysm occurs that puts an end to a degraded civilisation.

Thereafter, a new cycle of universal creation begins and the living beings are given ideal conditions and a new chance for a harmonious life. The stages that the universe goes through can be compared to a PC operating system, which gradually accumulates errors and starts working slower and slower. Eventually it fails and the user must reboot or reinstall the entire operating system, as a result, the old is destroyed and a new cycle of life begins.

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