Options For Development of Humanity


There are two major reasons why life in goodness is preferable for a civilized man!

First of all, it gives a person the first hand experience of the highest quality of life i.e. pure food, spiritual literature, pure knowledge, pure forms and images and pure sounds which brings one to a perfect harmony with one’s body and mind, other living beings as well as the world in general.

Second of all, the mode of goodness creates ideal conditions for spiritual development. It is the highest of the material energies and therefore makes the body healthy and the mind clear and stable, which is very important for the development of spiritual knowledge and meditation. Therefore, life in goodness is the path of progress because it gives a person the best quality of life.

The mode of goodness is the basis of morality, which is the foundation of spirituality.


If you decide to fly to another city, before you board the plane first you need to get to the airport, as planes fly only from there. Similarly, it is impossible to practice yoga or any other form of spirituality unless one is established in the mode of goodness.

The mode of goodness is achievable if you know how to extract it from this world and practically apply it in your life.

If a person is not yet ready to fully live by the standards of goodness and he is still attached to the values and tastes of the mode of passion, at least the mode of goodness should be present as reasonable sense of self control that will regulate passion.

If this balancing element of goodness and a regulating sense of self-control are not factored in, then all our passion, sooner or later will lead to ignorance. But ignorance should be completely excluded from the person’s life, because ignorance leads to degradation.

In fact, if a person does not live by the standards of goodness and finds one’s satisfaction in passion and ignorance, this is the path of degradation.


Modern materialists are not even able to extract the higher quality – the mode of goodness from matter, and are forced to be content with a superficial and short-lived happiness in ignorance and passion.

Moreover, such an existence deprives a person of a conscious and stable spiritual life. And even if such people become believers, their faith is sentimental and not supported by the spiritual knowledge and practice.

People in passion and ignorance cannot avoid sinful activity, and they have to constantly repent, sin again and again to repent. At best, they have faith, but not a full spiritual life.

Under the influence of materialism, the idea of progress has changed dramatically.

If previously people valued the exulted personal qualities and the term “progress” meant a spiritual development and bring oneself closer to God.

However, nowadays “progress” means a development of body, mind, and intelligence, as well as the development of science and technology.

Such a superficial progress without the development of morality and spiritual qualities leads to a shift of emphasis in the values system, and that leads to a misuse of knowledge for destructive purposes. That’s where the weapons of mass destruction and the “might is right” concept comes from. .

If this is called a “progress”, it is very one-sided, as the spiritual needs of people are not addressed.

Man is not able to create the fundamental laws of nature. The real laws are unchangeable and valid all the time, everywhere and for everyone. We can only discover them and follow them for the common good. And the more clearly we understand the laws of harmony, the more harmonious our life becomes.


(Artwork copyright Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International – Used with permission)

And the most important discovery that a person can make is to discover the source of these laws. Where there are laws, there is also the legislator.

Laws bring harmony and order in our lives, and the order is a requirement of the individual.

The Vedas call the Supreme Person either by the name Vishnu, which indicates the aspect of God’s powers, or by the name Krishna, which points to His loving and all attractive nature.

If we do not understand that these laws emanate from the Supreme Person, then life for us is just an incomprehensible sequence of accidents. However, no one can evade these laws because they are as all pervasive as God Himself.


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