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“Influential stars, planets, luminaries and atoms all over the universe are rotating in their respective orbits under the direction of the Supreme, represented by eternal time.” Bhagavata Purana ( 3.11.13 )

In the previous article we started the topic of the laws of time in a context of the Vedic astrology. Besides that, astrology gives a general forecast of events in a person’s life, one can also determine when these events will occur. This is determined by the system of planetary periods that show the sequence of events in life. That is, each period in a person’s life is influenced by a particular planet and the energy it radiates.

Once again, as it has been explained that space consists of different densities ( it is easy to walk stepping on the hard ground and breathing fresh air, but it’s hard to walk in the water against the current). Similarly in time there are moments when the ” tidal wave ” lifts us and the passing wind carries us forward, and there are moments when it is not only difficult to move forward, but you have to make Herculean efforts to remain at your current positions. So, what makes this invisible flow of time so inconsistent?

The Vedas explain that the reason for this inconsistency is the planetary periods and sub-periods associated with the  dominance of the beneficial or harmful planets.

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For example, the Sun Period lasts for 6 years. If the Sun is strong in this period, a person can go into politics or to take the post of a director. His/her career and social status will be very stable. Another person may succeed in medicine, because the sun is associated with health and healing. If the Sun is weak, one’s credibility will suffer, and health will deteriorate.

The next is a 10 year period of the moon. At this time, a person becomes more emotional and sensitive, prone to social and charitable activities. Can be engaged in trade, especially liquids (fuel, beverages, dairy products) or his/her work may be associated with the water element ( sailors, fishermen ). If the Moon is weak, there may be mental disorders or blood diseases.

Mars period lasts for seven years. If Mars is well positioned in one’s horoscope, then it will bring energy, enthusiasm, pioneering courage, success in sports, military or technical careers, ability for achievements, but an unfavourable position of Mars will bring disease, trauma, conflict, aggression, etc.

Then comes an 18 -year period of Rahu, which formulates one’s karmic objectives for this life. During this period, a person can closely associate with foreigners, visit distant countries, make all kinds of discoveries, but this period also creates many illusions and unrealistic plans.

During a period of Jupiter, which follows the Rahu and lasts for 16 years, all the illusions disappear and a person begins to see the world more realistically, one has a thirst for spirituality, philosophy, science, and especially self-awareness, he/she becomes optimistic and creative. A person may become a teacher or accept someone’s guidance. During this period, a person may put on some weight, as Jupiter is responsible for the growth of fat tissue.

During the following 19-year period of Saturn, on the contrary, a person may lose weight, work hard, become chronically ill and pessimistic. Often in this period, people get in jail or into a very cramped situation. But hard work can gradually elevate a person to the top in his professional field. Saturn profession: construction, mining, timber, and services.

Followed by a 17-year period of Mercury, which increases communication skills, an interest in languages, mathematics, studying, writing, publishing or trade. If Mercury is weak, the nervous system and memory can suffer, and skin diseases appear .

Next is a 7-year period of Ketu. During this time, a person is actively interested in his/her past, history; one can get an experience of past lives and a desire for liberation. Materially, things deteriorate. Many unexpected hidden obstacles are uncovered.

The cycle concludes with a 20-year period of Venus. If Venus is strong and is well positioned in a particular chart, during this period it will bring a person many joys and pleasures, success in love, marriage, art, transportation, hospitality business, showbiz, beauty salons, etc. If Venus is weak or affected by unfavourable planets, its influence will also be weakened or activity associated with it will periodically suffer.

Against this background, the main planetary periods are interspersed with shorter sub-periods of other planets, which slightly change the basic periods with their unique effects.

Everyone’s life begins with a different period and not all of them are completed within a person’s life, as the total duration is 120 years. Therefore, only some spheres of one’s life are covered.

Thus, a predictive astrology deals with the unavoidable parts of one’s fate, but to which a person can mentally prepare. Predetermined aspects of life are: the life expectancy, finance, education, status in society and family life.

However, besides a predetermined aspect there is also an element of freedom. Therefore, a special section of the Vedic astrology helps to choose an auspicious moment for the various undertakings. The Vedas say that different moments of time have potential of creative, destructive and other impulses. For example, if we make a deal at the time, influenced by the destructive planet, all our plans will be ruined.

So, a special section of preventive astrology helps to forestall some events or get prepared for them. For example, if you know in advance that it will rain – it does not oblige you to get wet. So the principle is that we can not stop the rain, but we can use an umbrella. In this way, we oppose fatality to our freedom which is the right response to the inevitable event.

It is obvious that different seasons emanate different energies and even at different times of the day we feel differently. That is why it matters when and what to do. Moreover, you can even calculate the precise hour and a minute in order to start a particular business. As the saying goes ” strike while the iron is hot “. In our own experience we can see that sometimes things go smoothly, and sometimes we stumble upon some invisible obstacles and nothing happens, no matter how hard we try.


If someone thinks that it makes no difference what to do and when, let him plant potatoes in winter and get an abundant harvest. If we go to the store or any office, not knowing the working hours, we may knock on the closed door as much as we want. It opens only at the scheduled time.

For example, Saturday – a day of Saturn has a destructive energy. No wonder that Saturday marriages often break, and we have so many divorces. The Vedas recommend that marriage ceremonies should be performed on Thursday or Friday, but not on Saturday.

Surgeries are best done on the waning moon when there is a lesser chance of bleeding. For the proponents of fasting, the two weeks of the waning moon are the best time. If a person begins to fast on the waxing moon, it will be much harder, because the waxing moon stimulates the secretion of the gastric juice which makes it more difficult to fast.

However, to plant or transplant the plants it is better on the waxing moon because it stimulates the plant growth. But if you do the same on the waning moon, the plants will not take root as good. Some drugs/medicines work better on the waxing moon, and some on the waning moon.

It is better to lay the foundation of a new building when the Sun passes through the fixed signs of the zodiac. This will give the structure stability and strength. The fixed signs of the Zodiac are: Taurus ( 14.05 – 13.06), Leo ( 16.08 – 15.09 ), Scorpio ( 16.11-14.12 ) and Aquarius ( 13.02 – 13.03 ).

For conceiving children it is best to avoid Tuesdays ( day of Mars ) and Saturdays ( the day of Saturn ). On even lunar days girls are conceived better and on odd days – boys. For these purposes one needs to use a special lunar calendar. It is also useful to know that a day begins with the sunrise and not at midnight.

The Vedas say that it even matters when we cut our hair and nails. The reason is that our body generates static electricity which is accumulated in our hair and nails and one may get a sudden discharge of electricity through those parts of the body. When trimming nails and hair, a partial discharge of the battery body takes place. As a consequence, the immune system weakens and the risk of illness increases. Therefore, for the minimal energy loss the Vedas recommend avoiding nail and hair trimming on Friday, Saturday, 8th, 9th, 14th lunar days, as well as new and full moons.

So, if we live in a current of time, we must know its laws to avoid many disappointments.

Besides predictive and preventive sections in the Vedic astrology there are techniques to neutralise the negative influences of the planets. They are divided into material and spiritual. Material methods include wearing precious and semiprecious stones, which carry the energy of the various planets.


For example, if in your horoscope Mercury is weakened, you can wear an emerald ring on your little finger and/or wear green clothes (color of Mercury) on Wednesdays ( the day of Mercury ) as well as fast at least until lunchtime. However, the problem with stones is that it should be large enough and of a good quality, which is quite expensive. Moreover, the ring frame should be made in such a way that the stone would be touching the skin of a finger or in the bottom of the frame should be an opening that the sun light would be passing through the stone and touching the skin.

The material neutralising methods also include various rituals and charity in those days, which are associated with a weaker planet. The interconnection between days, colors and planets is as follows: Sun – Sunday – Orange; Moon – Monday – Milky white, silver; Mars – Tuesday – Pink, red; Mercury – Wednesday – Green; Jupiter – Thursday – Yellow; Venus – Friday – White, blue; Saturn – Saturday – Dark blue, black; Rahu and Ketu have no days of the week, but Rahu is like Saturn – Saturday, and Ketu is like Mars – Tuesday.

However, all these external means of neutralising the harmful effects of planets are dealing with the consequences and do not solve the root course. Therefore the Vedic astrology also recommends the spiritual techniques that uproot the very source of karma.

Karma comes into effect when we leave the spiritual world and come into this world, where God is represented by the power of time, destroying all our plans. Therefore, it is necessary to re-connect with the Divine through a variety of practices ( prayers, mantras, scriptures, worship, service). The more a person is connected with God through the process of service to Him, the more freedom one gets and the karma which is emanated through the planets is lowered.


Just as the stars are no longer visible in the sky at sunrise, in the same way the influence of stars and planets weakens when the Supreme Personality of Godhead appears in our lives.

So, a person may use astrology but should not become dependent on it. One needs to be dependent on God. We cannot be completely independent. Therefore, our freedom is simply to choose the right form of dependence.


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