Which Philosophy is not a Delirium?

Question: There are many philosophies and religions. Also, there are many people who don’t even believe they have a belief. I obviously believe only one philosophy is right. So, is it possible that many groups are in a religious delirium? If so, how do we know which philosophy is not a delirium?

Answer :

Delirium is a febrile state with no objective knowledge of reality. We can speak about “reality” in different levels.

1. For example, if you are in a certain city, and you know that you are in that place, your knowledge is objective. Also in mathematical and physical matters, there is usually an objective reality that normal people agree.

2. We can also speak about a moral “reality”, with values. For example, any “normal” person agrees that we shouldn’t kill children. People who disagree are seen as morally disabled or deluded.

3. Other moral issues are harder to solve, such as a war in which both sides think they are fighting for justice.

4. When we speak on spiritual objectivity, we can apply this rule: “Even if a spiritual truth is not accessible to human reasoning without revelation, that revelation, once revealed, has to be rational”. I’ll give two examples:

a. No one could understand that Krishna is God without the Scriptures’ revelation. But, since it is revealed, we can see that Krishna’s nature, His activities and character, doesn’t contradict normal morality.

b. A terrorist may claim that “God spoke to me and told me I have to kill these children.” This revelation fully contradicts normal moral laws, with no explanation that can synchronize this act with moral laws.

I hope this explanation helps you.

With best wishes,
Hridayananda dasa Goswami.

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