8. Who Are You, Human? Part 2.

Super Consciousness

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(Artwork copyright Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International – www.krishna.com. Used with permission)

Science is only now beginning to understand how complex the processes of perception, digestion, metabolism and other such processes, are. But these super complex processes are constantly taking place in the body without our conscious participation. How then can such a complex mechanism work without anyone’s conscious control?

reincar2To understand this puzzle we will introduce an additional function – super consciousness, which is located next to the individual soul and controls the activity of the body. This super-consciousness, or the Supreme Soul is the driver of the body.

 What are the signs of the presence of super-consciousness in the body?

What keeps the eternal soul within the temporary body? What is the force that puts us in different situations that we cannot avoid?

Obviously, we are not completely independent in life. Quite often, some force adjusts our plans. Where does the force of destiny come from?

The Vedas call it the super consciousness or Supersoul (Paramatma in sanskrit).

Here’s some excerpts from the Bhagavad gita and Bhagavata purana:

Yet in this body there is another, a transcendental enjoyer, who is the Lord, the supreme proprietor, who exists as the overseer and permitter, and who is known as the Supersoul. 

Bhagavad Gita 13.23


O King , the Supersoul in every body gives intelligence to the individual soul according to his capacity for understanding. Therefore the Supersoul is the chief within the body. The Supersoul is manifested to the individual soul according to the individual’s comparative development of knowledge, austerity, penance and so on.       Bhagavata Purana 7.14.38


(Artwork copyright Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International – www.krishna.com. Used with permission)

It is due to the presence of super consciousness in the body, that such complex processes as metabolism, digestion, and perception are taking place. The super consciousness is the source of intuition, instinct, inspiration, enlightenment and the voice of conscience. These processes are constantly taking place in our body and psyche, but we do not even understand the mechanisms of these processes. So they are taking place without our conscious participation.

But can we find at least one complex and sequential process that would not have been directed by someone’s conscious will?

The flow of vehicles on the road, trade or financial flows are directed by specialists in accordance with certain rules.

It may seem to an unsophisticated viewer that all the complex processes in the body happen by themselves, but a reasonable person understands that behind every intelligent and planned process there is someone’s intelligence.

And if it is not us who directs these processes in the body, then who?

Take for example, intuition. It is also called the 6th sense. There are five senses in total: sound, touch, sight, taste and smell.

Intuition or the 6th sense means that I have not heard, perceived, or seen but nevertheless, I know or have a feeling that something will happen.

Typically, the information gets into our consciousness through the senses, but the word “premonition” means that we can get the information from the future before the event occurred, and penetrated into our senses. How can this be?

The only sensible explanation is that we just get it from someone who is beyond time and has access both to the past and future. This is called super sensible experience or intuition.

Interestingly, an animal’s intuition works better than the human’s. Why is that?

Individual animal consciousness is less manifested than that of a human and thus Paramatma or the super consciousness in the heart of the animal helps the living being, just as a parent shares wisdom with a child and directs all his actions while he is small.

Animals do not read newspapers and books, do not listen to the latest news and do not get immersed in the endless ocean of the Internet.

Therefore, they can hear clearly this voice of Paramatma inside and sometimes they surprise us with their unmistakable premonitions.

But humans have a more developed intelligence, and their higher consciousness in the heart gives them more personal freedom, which unfortunately is often misused. Human’s outer channels of perception are overloaded with information and thus they are almost deaf to this inner voice.

In December 2004, the coast of Indonesia and Sri Lanka was hit by a tsunami caused by an undersea earthquake. Hundreds of thousands of people died, but  among the animals there were no casualties. Two hours before the wave hit the shore, all animals left the coastal strip, sensing danger.



Under the influence of this higher voice, animals do amazing things, at times. Diseased cats without any formal knowledge of botany easily find medicinal herbs. This means that someone knows the healing qualities of herbs, and the needs of cats, and brings them together.

Usually, people try to explain things like this with a mysterious term called “instinct.” But if you look up the dictionary, the word “instinct” is explained as “a reasonable impetus, coming from within.” And what’s inside the body, except for physical organs devoid of intelligence? Again, we come to the idea of super consciousness in the heart.

Birds without knowing geography unerringly fly south or north, the ants build complex nests, and spiders weave an intricate web that is the epitome of perfect engineering. Bees store honey in hexagonal honeycombs, which ideally contribute to conservation. Obviously, such an exact knowledge can only come from a perfect source.

The same form of Paramatma or God in the heart is the subject of meditation to a yogi, according to the ancient treatise “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.”

More on this topic: http://mcknowledge.info/the-patanjalis-yoga-sutras-discover-the-secrets-of-yoga-and-meditation-2/ “The Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – Discover The Secrets Of Yoga And Meditation!”

This form is in every atom of creation, hence the complex structure of the atom. Thanks to His pervasive nature, this universal intelligence coordinates karma, or the fate of all living entities simultaneously.

Now we have a full understanding of what constitutes a person: it is primarily the individual consciousness – the soul, the psyche or the subtle body and physical body. All these structures are linked by energy of Paramatma or the Supreme consciousness in the heart.


To be continued…



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